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Methodist Women in Britain District Day 2012

Jill was tucking in to her Crunchy Nut Cornflakes at the manse – she’d left Slough soon after 6am -- when I was informed that the first cars were arriving; it was not then 10 o’clock!! Such eagerness must be greatly admired; we were not due to start until 11am.

There was a ‘buzz’ about the day right from the start and it was good to welcome first-timers, people we hadn’t seen for some time and the faithful ‘regulars’ who are always there.

After a welcome from host minister Rev David Leese (who spent the day with us), opening devotions were led by District President, Muriel Jacklin, The roll call was then taken by Diane Patrick (District secretary) and amazingly 12 out of the 14 circuits were represented. A total of 117 was recorded with more attending the afternoon session only.

A (very) short business followed, basically because we need someone to be the next president from October 2013. And we still do if you are reading this on the website or via the e linc!!

It was then ‘over to Jill’ who took us on a beautifully crafted exposition of the story of Lydia; firstly as a Woman of Prayer and secondly, a Woman of Business. We were deeply moved as Jill shared some of the (brief) life and tragic passing away of her 18 year old younger son Peter, within the context of the river as a place of prayer. We were then challenged to think in small groups as to what is our business, individually and as Methodist women.

A leisurely break was taken for lunch with ample time for partaking of Sainsbury’s platters and delicious home made desserts, browsing the stalls and displays and even taking a walk in the sunshine.

In the afternoon Jill continued the story of Lydia, this time as a Woman of Learning and a Woman of Hospitality illustrated by her visits to Methodist communities in Ghana and Zimbabwe respectively.

Two days prior to all this I had read on Jill’s ‘blog’ that she had very little voice at a meeting at Methodist Church House! God is very good and her voice held out with the help of the microphone and plenteous drinks of water.

The day finished in true Methodist style with more drinks and biscuits!

Jill had an hour to relax at the manse before returning to Doncaster station, from where she travelled to her sister’s home in Wolverhampton.

Overall, it was an amazing day of fellowship with an inspiring speaker. Jill commented on the relaxed leisurely lunch break, because there was time to eat, chat and peruse the stalls/displays without feeling rushed.

Thanks to all who helped in any way towards the success of this day.

You can read Jill’s daily blog and the Prayer of the Week, access the registration form for the Swanwick Conference 12 – 14 April 2013, and much more, on the Methodist Women in Britain website.

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Sue Leese (District Forum Rep)