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Faith at Work

FAWlogoFaith at Work - Spirituality and discipleship for today's world
......a six week study course for Lent and beyond


Faith at Work tackles some of the difficult issues connected to being a disciple in the work place but it is as much about making "faith work" at whatever stage of life we are in. 

The course involves six sessions as follows:
  •      The CALLING ~ to be a disciple throughout the week
  •      The CHALLENGE ~ remaining faithful despite everything
  •      The CLOCK ticks on ~ how do we fit it all in?
  •      The moral COMPASS ~ how do we keep our integrity?
  •      Showing COMPASSION~ spirituality in action
  •      Making CONNECTIONS ~ we're all in this together!
The course is designed around the four areas of Welcome, Word, Worship and Witness and leaders are encouraged to treat the material like a menu picking items from each section which suit the type of people in the group.   The printed material consists of a set of 7 postcards per participant and a DVD.   Leaders' Notes and supplementary materials are available on the website.
DVD clips by church leaders and people representing all aspects of life provide useful conversation starters.    Remember that Faith at Work isn't aimed at only those in paid work but will get everyone thinking about how they can have an active faith all through the week.